🚺 Medicated Sneakers by U.S POLO ASSN.






Medicated Casual/Walk Sneakers for Women 🚺

¬Guaranteed Original 💯
¬Genuine Packaging 📦
¬Manufacturing & Treatment September, 2021 ✅

Best For:
1. Fallen Arches
2. Bunions
3. Hammer toes
4. Corns/Calluses/Blisters
5. Diabetic Feet
6. Heel Spur

Available Sizes:

EUR 36
EUR 37


This Shoe has been treated at a commercial & professional scale! The design has been slightly modified during the process of treatment!
Commercial scale treatment made this shoe durable that you can rely on!

This shoe is like it just came straight out of factory 🏭!

This treatment was a necessary step by TBC Wholesale™ as the Manufacturing Year was 2017!

• These Lots are overstock/disputed with compromised packing protocols. Minor cosmetic imperfections can be seen which can be neglected if compared to it’s current retail price and the price at which TBC™ is offering this product!

• We are NOT the Manufacturers, Designers, Liscence Holders of any brand we sell at The Brand Corp. We get these products from Original Liscenced Factories, Auctions or from Bulk Stockists authentic to sell over production/disputed lots based in Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Hong Kong, UK and USA.

• Whatever you are buying from us are at the cheapest Wholesale Rates Across Pakistan and NO Liability shall incur regarding the durability of the product. We strive utmost to get best possible products with highest durability and stability in performance as we want to progress and it is only possible when you give good quality articles at best possible prices.

• Select your Sizes Very Carefully because there will be NO Exchange/Refund/Return once the item is sold. This is because we are already working on lowest possible profit margins as our main focus is Wholesale not Retail!

• The price that is given above against this particular article/model is for at least 6Pairs minimum. It means if you buy 6Pairs in this particular article/model only then we shall be liable to sell you at the above said price.

√√ We Invite all wholesale dealers from all across Pakistan!

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